Car driving on the road at night

Driving at Night? Keep These Things in Mind

3 Crucial Tips for Safe Night Driving   

We can all agree that driving at night can be more dangerous if necessary precautions are not taken. Due to reduced visibility, drivers see less of the road and have less time to react. However, you can drive safely at night with a few preventive measures. Read ahead to get more night driving tips. Also, for your vehicle’s repair and maintenance services, contact Freeman Motor Company, our dealership in Portland, Oregon.  

Follow These Tips for Safe Driving at Night  

  • When driving at night, maintain a slower speed than daytime driving. The visibility is reduced at night, and it takes longer to react to obstacles. Therefore, it is better to drive slowly.  
  • Your windshield and headlights should be in good working condition as it affects your visibility. Before leaving, make sure your headlights are clean and replace them if you feel like they are not working fine. If you see cracks or scratches on your windshield or window, get them fixed as soon as possible.   
  • Take frequent breaks, have a coffee, and don’t use the phone. Driving with distractions or drowsiness can impact your reaction time. Avoid driving if you are tired, as you never want to jeopardize your safety. 

We hope these tips were useful. 

A man driving at night
Driving at night with headlight on

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