Collision between Red and White car

Get Premier Auto Collision Repairs in Portland, OR

Get Premier Auto Collision Repairs in Portland, OR

Auto collision has turned out to be the most common cause of selling a used car. Mainly it is on account of the myth that cars cannot be taken back to the pre-collision time. But we have turned this around at Freeman Motor Company. Now you can get premier auto collision repair in Portland, OR with just a simple click.

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Where Can I take my Car for Repair in Portland, OR?

Searching for the best auto collision repairs in Portland, OR? Your search ends at Freeman Motor Company. Visit our showroom at S Macadam Ave in Portland for the best auto collision repairs. While you’re on the road, there is an equal chance of a collision happening or not happening. As such having a reliable auto collision repair is imperative. Although it is also a type of repair, it is not often covered in car service. That’s why most dealerships do not include auto collision repair in their regular service packs. While you can get the accidental insurance claim for your car from your insurance party, the real task is to get your vehicle fixed.

Collision on road
Car Collision Repair

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At Freeman Motor Company, we offer complete auto repairs. Now you don’t have to worry to get premier auto collision repair in Portland, OR. Our experienced team of technicians works meticulously on every vehicle that comes to our showroom to make it as good as new. We understand how difficult it is to get rid of your favorite car just because of a collision and so we bring you expert and timely auto collision repairs.

Technicians repairing black car
Collision on Road

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Apart from auto collision repairs we also provide the latest fleet of used cars in Portland, OR. From Audi to Mazda and Volkswagen to Mercedes, we have a wide range of cars for you to choose from. Our autospa provides complete car care including exterior, interior as well as detailing services like odor removal. Visit our showroom or schedule online for the best auto collision repair in Portland, OR.