2020 Volvo XC90 exterior side view

What are the Advantages of Buying an Electric Vehicle?  

Benefits of Purchasing EVs  

Electric vehicles are comparatively a new concept in this ever-evolving automotive industry. Unlike regular cars, EVs are designed with brilliant technology and are eco-friendly. They are powered by electricity which aids in increasing their popularity among the urban population. Continue reading this blog by Freeman Motor Company in Portland, OR, and learn about the benefits of buying an EV.  

2020 Volvo XC90 exterior front view
2020 Volvo XC90 exterior rear view

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5 Advantages of Purchasing an Electric Vehicle  

An electric vehicle might be the best option for a customer living in an urban area, and below are the list of benefits of owning an EV.  

No Gas: EVs are run by electricity, so there is no need to spend money on gas. This is also a pocket-friendly option as electricity is cheaper than petrol or diesel. You can also install a residential solar panel which will be more convenient for you and diminishes the cost further.  

Zero Emission: The essential feature of an EV is that it is eco-friendly. EVs have zero carbon emissions as they are powered by electricity. They run on clean energy sources, emit zero toxic gas, and reduce environmental pollution.   

Cost-Effective: With technological advancements, the price of EVs has been reduced substantially. Some other reasons for making EVs less expensive are bulk production and tax incentives.  

Low Maintenance: If you own an EV, your visit to a service center decreases. EVs run on electrical engines; therefore, they do not need engine oil, reducing many maintenance tasks related to a gas engine.   

Dynamic Convenience: In terms of convenience, EVs are hands down a better option. They are easy to recharge from the comfort of your home as they only need a regular household socket for charging. You will not have to visit the gas station.   

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Drivers planning to buy an electric vehicle and need more information can contact the Freeman Motor Company team residing in Portland, OR. You can opt for a budget-friendly option by purchasing a used EV at our dealership.