bmw vehicle with android auto

Can I connect my Android phone to my BMW vehicle?

Android Auto is now offered in BMW vehicles 

It is rare to come across anyone who does not have a smartphone. We have become so reliant on our phone to stay connected, it can be difficult to not check our phone while we are driving. To help keep our eyes on the road, BMW now offers Android Auto for Android smartphone users. To learn more about this system and what features are available, keep reading. 

media screen in a bmw vehicle

What is Android Auto? 

For those who are unsure what Android Auto is, we can offer an explanation. Android Auto is an integrated system that connects your Android phone to your vehicle. Once it is connected, you will have access to specific features you otherwise would not have access to. The best part about this system is once your phone is connected, it is all wireless.  

Features available with Android Auto 

Basic features with Android Auto include access to all your music, contacts and messages. You can use Google Assistant to call, send text messages or ask a question. Drivers also can use the navigation features from their phone. Almost all the information you need will be displayed either on the Head-Up Display or on the instrument cluster’s Info Display.  

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