Mechanic checking air pressure of a tire

Watch This Informative How-To Video on How to Check Your Vehicle’s Tire Pressure!

Can Tire Pressure Affect My Vehicle’s Fuel Economy? 

When shopping for a car, fuel economy is a significant factor. Good fuel efficiency ensures that you prevent major spending on gas and also reduce your carbon footprint. And maintaining a steady fuel economy is a simple proposition. Ensuring the appropriate tire pressure is bound to provide better fuel economy. Can tire pressure affect my vehicle’s fuel economy, you ask? Well, yes.  

Fuel economy mainly depends on reducing resistance so your car can move more easily on the road. If the tires aren’t inflated enough, they will be saggy and soft. Your engine will have to work harder to move the car forward. When your engine works harder, inevitably, your car burns more fuel. To understand how to check your vehicle’s tire pressure, at Freeman Motor Company in Portland, Oregon, we present a video prepared by the folks at AutoZone. Meanwhile, if you’re facing any other problems in your vehicle, you can schedule a service appointment. If you’re looking for detailing and reconditioning services, visit the Freeman Portland Autospa

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