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How to wash your car

Car washing tips 

Spring is here, which means there is now pollen, bird poop, dirt or other substances you do not want on your vehicle. While it is nice to treat your vehicle to a car wash from the gas station, there are cheaper ways to clean your vehicle. Keep reading to learn some tips to keep in mind when washing your vehicle.   Read the rest of this entry >>

car battery being replaced in vehicle

Is it okay to leave my luxury vehicle parked during all of the COVID-19 quarantine?

Negative effects of leaving your vehicle sit for a long period of time 

The stay at home orders in America have been in effect for over a month. Due to this order, many of us have not been using our luxury vehicles as often as we once were. This can potentially lead to some problems down the road with our vehicles if we are not careful. Keep reading to learn about what happens when you leave it sit for too long.  Read the rest of this entry >>