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How to set the BMW theater screen? 

BMW Genius is an innovative and intelligent technology that enhances the driving experience by providing drivers with helpful information about their car’s features and capabilities. It’s a user-friendly system that helps drivers make the most of their BMW’s advanced features and functions. One of the standout features of BMW Genius is the theater screen. This high-definition display provides a wealth of information and entertainment options for drivers and passengers alike.  

From navigation and weather updates to streaming music and video content, the theater screen is a versatile and powerful tool that can help make every drive more enjoyable. Wondering how to set the BMW theater screen? Check out the video below to learn about the straightforward and easy-to-follow process to set up the BMW theater screen. Alternatively, you can contact us at Freeman Motor Company in Portland, OR, to understand the features and specifications of your BMW. 

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How to set the BMW theater screen | BMW Genius how-to by BMW USA