a mechanic working on the suspension system of a car

What are the benefits of suspension and steering maintenance?

Importance of suspension and steering maintenance checks 

While there are some components of a vehicle that require constant care, there’re some parts that just need timely maintenance to ensure your vehicle performs incredibly well for a long time. For example, the suspension and steering system of a car offers a smooth drive while keeping everyone safe inside the vehicle and on the road.

Service experts usually talk about these systems together as they’re related to each other. However, if you want to understand the importance of suspension and steering maintenance checks, continue reading to learn about them from our team at Freeman Motor Company in Portland, OR. 

view of the suspension system of a car

Why is it important to get your suspension and steering inspected? 

When the suspension system and the steering wheel are properly maintained, they ensure you’ve full control of your vehicle. The suspension system keeps the vehicle connected to the wheels to provide traction and smooth out the bumps and several other imperfections on the road. On the other hand, the steering wheel lets you guide the vehicle wherever you want to go. It is connected to the suspension system via a series of pivoted joints and the steering column. Therefore, you need a healthy suspension and steering system to ensure you can guide your vehicle and control it. 

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What signs suggest you need a suspension and steering maintenance check? 

  • The tires hit the bottom of your vehicle every time you drive over a bump. 
  • Your vehicle repeatedly bounces after driving over a bump. 
  • After hitting a bump, your vehicle turns left or right itself. 
  • It becomes difficult to turn the steering wheel. 
  • Even after holding the steering in one place, the vehicle pulls to one side. 
steering wheel of the 2021 Land Rover

Get a Suspension and Steering Inspection in Portland, OR 

If you want to get a suspension and steering maintenance check for your vehicle, you can come to us at Freeman Motor Company after scheduling a service appointment. Moreover, you can contact our team in Portland, OR, by dialing 503-595-5353 for further information.