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Is it okay to leave my luxury vehicle parked during all of the COVID-19 quarantine?

Negative effects of leaving your vehicle sit for a long period of time 

The stay at home orders in America have been in effect for over a month. Due to this order, many of us have not been using our luxury vehicles as often as we once were. This can potentially lead to some problems down the road with our vehicles if we are not careful. Keep reading to learn about what happens when you leave it sit for too long. 

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What can happen to your vehicle 

Without doing the proper storing procedures, your vehicle can have negative effects to its structure and chemistry. Some examples of what happens if your luxury vehicle sits too long without use include a drained battery, brittle tires, rust and deterioration of your oil. If your fuel tank is not full, this gives the opportunity for moisture to build up. If this happens too long, your fuel will become gummy and unusable 

How you can stop these negative effects 

If you plan on leaving your vehicle sit for a while, make sure to keep your fuel tank full, your battery is taken out and you have new oil. If you still want to use your vehicle later on but you are just not using it as frequently, take it out for a ride every two weeks for at least ten minutes. If you can, maintain 50 mph. This way all the fluids can run their course and your engine gets the workout it needs. 

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