Jeep Easter Egg on wheel

Jeep Easter Eggs and where you can find them?

Discover Easter Eggs in Jeep vehicles 

Easter may be done but it’s never too late to find Easter Eggs in your Jeep vehicle. If you haven’t heard of this term before, an Easter Egg is a hidden decorative motif. These show how invested the creators at Jeep are. Keep reading to learn more.  

The origins of the Jeep Easter Egg 

The Easter Eggs were originally an offhand addition of a graphic to a standard part of the Jeep vehicle. Over the years it became more typical of Jeep vehicles to incorporate into its designs. Today the practice continues and can be found in each new Jeep model. 

Jeep Easter Eggs

Where can I find Easter Eggs on my Jeep vehicle? 

There are a variety of places these Easter Eggs have been found. They are often found in small, functional areas that are often used every day. Some examples of places include storage compartments, near your fuel door, on the floor, cup holders and even the headlights.  

Jeep Easter Eggs

What do the Jeep Easter Eggs look like? 

The Jeep Easter eggs range in designs. Some recall Jeep’s history by showing the old Jeep grille design or side profile. Other Easter Eggs are creatures like a spider, snakes, lizards and dinosaur skulls. Some can be as simple as a pair of flip flops. 

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