Land Rover Heritage on the hillside

From a welsh beach to mastering all terrains: Land Rover’s incredible history!

Land Rover History

For many years now, the Land Rover brand has been associated with design and capability. It promotes innovation and promises to be your most trusted companion on rugged terrain or in the hustle bustle of the city. This distinct brand has an incredible history.

Genesis of the Land Rover vehicle

Maurice Wilks, with his strapping personality and inventive brain, thought of making a British utility vehicle. It could also be exported around the world. Since he had a farm on Anglesey, which is a large island in Wales, he saw the potential in this idea. He believed the resulting vehicle will be useful to farmers, combining the qualities of a car with a tractor. He sketched the basic design on sand at Red Wharf Bay, a beach near his farm, in 1947.

Blueprint of the land rover on the beach
water being thrown on the land rover

How was the first Land Rover built?

Wilks was working as an engineer at the Rover Car Company when he had the idea for the Land Rover. For the Land Rover, he made use of recycled aluminum from scrapped war planes. He took the basic design from old wartime jeeps. He put a Rover engine and gearbox in it. He also used surplus military paint for its exterior. Thus, in 1947, the Land Rover was the first truly green car! The prototype was capable of 60 mph on the road.

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How has the Land Rover’s journey panned out since then?

Sadly, Wilks was not acknowledged as the creator of the Land Rover until recently. Meanwhile, the first Land Rover officially debuted at the Amsterdam Motor Show in 1948. It gained popularity right from the beginning with The Queen of England, her uncle Edward VIII and Winston Churchill being enthusiasts. However, the Land Rover has had a tumultuous ownership history. Thirty years after the first Land Rover model was created, Land Rover Limited became its own company under British Leyland Motors. Later, it changed hands from the BMW to Ford to Tata Motors.

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