Tesla Model Y on road

What are the Top 3 Brands Selling Electric Vehicles?

List of the Top 3 Brands Selling EVs  

There is no denying that the EV segment is blooming, with some top brands introducing excellent electric vehicles to impress customers. Along with saving money on fuel and low maintenance costs, these vehicles are eco-friendly and the only future we can look up to. Many reputed brands are making noise in the EV world. In this blog post by Freeman Motor Company in Portland or Salem, OR, we will tell you everything about it. Scroll down to learn more!  


Tesla models have received huge popularity and success owing to their remarkable combination of class-leading range and affordable price. Undoubtedly, they have changed the electric vehicle market and showed that EVs could be cool. All the vehicles have advanced features and a great driving range. It offers a wide range of options proving that the hype around it is completely valid.  


The BMW i offers thrilling and sustainably designed all-electric vehicles for your electrifying adventures. These models can easily be charged at home, offer cutting-edge technology, and handle the road exactly the way you want.  


The brand aims to transform the automotive industry entirely with the Mercedes-EQ. The vehicles excel in all areas, including safety, performance, and technology. As people say, you can never go wrong with the Mercedes-Benz models.   

BMW i4 on road
Mercedes-Benz EQS front view

What are the Advantages of Buying an Electric Vehicle?   

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