front of the Mercedes-Benz EQ Class

Mercedes-Benz introduces the EQ Class

Mercedes-Benz EQ Class 

Mercedes-Benz has now entered the Electric Vehicle segment of the auto industry. The brand has introduced its new wave of Mercedes-Benz vehicles in a new era of luxury driving. To learn more about the Mercedes-Benz electric vehicles, keep reading! 

Introducing the Mercedes-Benz EQ Class to the Mercedes-Benz lineup 

More brands have been creating their own EVs and Mercedes-Benz has now entered this segment. The brand has created the Mercedes-Benz EQ which is its line of EVs. These vehicles will be quiet, calm and smooth to represent the future of vehicles while keeping them luxuriousThe Mercedes-Benz EQ lineup is distinguished by design with its elegant, streamlined shape. The electric drive systems will have many advantages compared to traditional internal combustion engines like more power to the wheels without lag to offer more torque and acceleration. 

What are the differences between the EQ, EQ Power, and EQ Power+ models? 

The vehicles that are fully electric with no gas components are the EQ models. The EQ Power models are hybrids that use a combination of an electric motor and a traditional internal combustion engine. The EQ Power+ models are high-performance hybrid vehicles from the Mercedes-AMG segment. They will use electric technology for enhanced all-around performance. Each of these models will have an EQ badge on them to distinguish them from the rest of the Mercedes-Benz vehicle lineup. 

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