Michael Holton Basketball Academy

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Michael Holton Basketball Academy

Freeman Motor Company is proud to partner with the Michael Holton Basketball Academy. Focused on the education and growth of intercity youth in the Portland community. The Academy offers the opportunity of high level of instruction on fundamental skills while maintaining a positive atmosphere. Hosting 117 campers at the Spring camp, Michael Holton Basketball Academy is gearing up for the summer and aiming to increase their outreach for the June session.

Used Audi Vehicles in Portland, OR

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Silver Audi A4 driving during the day

When you hear the name Audi, you think luxury and class. Luckily, each Audi model lives up to those expectations. Since the inception of this automotive manufacturer, Audi vehicles have been leaders in style, power, luxury, and affordability. Whether you are looking for a luxury sedan or SUV, Audi has a vehicle to satisfy anyone’s needs. Read more below to learn about used Audi vehicles in Portland OR!

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Used Mercedes-Benz Vehicles in Portland OR

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Navy Blue 2018 Mercedes-Benz CLA parked in front of illustration of city skyline

Say we asked you to close your eyes and picture a luxury vehicle in your head. What kind of vehicle do you think would show up? If you answered “Mercedes-Benz,” you’re not alone. For generations, this iconic German automaker has led the industry in areas such as interior comfort, tech innovation, connectivity and power under the hood. Whether you’re looking for a high-quality sedan or SUV, feel free to check out our selection of used Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Portland OR. We have plenty of top-tier models on our lot that are sure to satisfy! Read the rest of this entry »

Where to get auto detailing in Portland OR

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Person hand wiping white car clean with text of benefits of auto detailing

If you are looking to give your car something special, then you need to consider auto detailing. We can tell you where to go to get auto detailing in Portland, OR, and we can also explain what auto detailing is, how it works, and what other services you can get for your car in the area. Read the rest of this entry »

Imported Car Service Near Portland, OR

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Mechanic Standing in front of a Car Lift

When your luxury import needs a little work done, don’t bring it to any old repair shop, bring it to our service center here at the Freeman Motor Company where our highly-trained and knowledgeable technicians will get you back on the road in no time at all.

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Engine’s Air Filter keeps your Car Breathing

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Freeman Motor Service

Changing your engine’s air filter is one of the least expensive ways to keep your vehicle running reliably and smoothly. Our team at Freeman Motor Service will advise you to keep your car in good health.

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Attractions at the 2018 Portland International Auto Show

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Cars on Display at a Car Show

The 2018 Portland International Auto Show is right around the corner, and your friends here at the Freeman Motor Company are here to tell you about some of the attractions you’ll be able to visit.

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Are you looking for the “ultimate in luxury” or just feeling the “need for speed?”

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As a european car enthusiast and lucky to be in the car industry, one of my favorites is the Jaguar XFR-S.

Jaguars have always grabbed my attention, especially with the release of the XF. A Jaguar that actually has room in the back seats for family. The unique design screams luxury and has a very attractive price tag, making it feasible to own one. The only thing the XF was missing was the horsepower. Driving around BMW M5’s and Mercedes E63 AMG’s made me want the same out of the Jaguar. Then, my eyes were opened to the JAGUAR XFR-S. This is still the four door Jaguar XF that fits my entire family with three kids comfortable in the back. I have them glued to their seats with the incredible 550 Horsepower supercharged V8. Stepping on the gas makes me forget all about and AMG or any M series from BMW. The XFR-S has a distinct style, different from any normal Jaguar with it’s aggressive look. With black leather interior and a white exterior, this is my favorite color combination. The black exterior trim especially stands out with this beautiful polaris white paint. With amenities that put any ordinary car to shame, I get the ultimate in luxury. With the horsepower, vents, wheels and spoiler I fill my need for speed.

Marshall Zoerner, General Manager & Partner

View the Jaguar XFR-S Here

Lake Oswego Farmer’s Market

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Join us at the Lake Oswego Farmer’s Market.

WHEN: SATURDAY – JULY 9th, 2016 – 8:30AM – 1:30PM




Learn More:









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A timing belt, or chain, keeps the engine internals moving in harmony with each other. Think of the engine like a clock; regardless of how fast the engine is spinning the timing belt/chain keeps the engines assembly from rotating too fast or too slow in relation to itself. The timing belt/chain is very important to the engine as it keeps it from destroying itself.

A timing belt, is made of kevlar, and rubber with high tensile fibers. Newer, or more expensive timing belts are made from HSN (Highly Saturated Nitrile).

Timing belts are usually quieter, however, they are more susceptible to contamination from oil or water leaks and require regular service intervals. Timing chains are metal and don’t have service intervals, but they are vulnerable to stretching.

Timing belts are meant to be serviced. Changing a timing belt out is easier than a timing chain because timing chains are not designed to be serviced. The downside to a timing chain is the expense given it does fail. The upside is that failure with a timing chain is not very often.

The symptoms your vehicle might have if a timing belt or timing chain needs servicing include: check engine light (for timing problems) or misfires that are not electrically caused. The rhythm and harmony of your engine depends so heavily on the proper timing.It is NEVER recommended to put off the aforementioned symptoms as you risk the chance of sever damage to your vehicle’s engine.

We recommend you have your timing belt changed at the factory intervals, and have your vehicles check engine lights checked at reputable service center.

Author: Colby Gregg – Freeman Master Technician

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