vehicle frozen

Should I get my car washed when it’s cold out?

Car washes in the winter 

It is no secret that salt from the road can cause damage to your vehicle. As a way to prevent this, you should get regular car washes. Keep reading to learn about having your vehicle washed during the winter. 

wheel of vehicle getting washed with pressure washer

Is there a bad time to wash my car in the winter? 

You should try to avoid going through a car wash when the temperature is below freezing. If you do, parts of your vehicle like the door locks and handles may freeze, which can cause issues. Using a clean towel to wipe down your vehicle can help if there is a long streak of cold days. If you do go through a car wash, use the soft-touch and bring a towel along to dry the vehicle completely to help keep it from freezing.  

Bring your vehicle into Freeman Motor Company’s Autospa 

At Freeman Motor Company, we have an Autospa to clean your vehicle. Our space is kept warm and we make sure to dry off your vehicle before it leaves our location. Some services we offer at our Autospa include paint touch up, scratch and rock chip repair, headlight restoration and paintless dent removal. If your interior is taking a bit of a beating, we do upholstery repair, vinyl repair, leather replay and velour and carpet repair. 

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Stop over at Freeman Motor Company in Portland OR to have your vehicle service 

Winter can do a lot to your vehicle. Have your vehicle ready to hit the road by scheduling a service appointment at Freeman Motor Company. If you have any questions, contact us and we can assist you. 

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