A 2022 BMW X2 making big splashes

Why are BMW models popular?

Top Three Reasons Why BMW Models are Popular 

Tell us of a person who has never dreamed of driving a luxury car. We’ll wait! The truth is that luxury cars are on the bucket list of most people who want to own a vehicle. But the exorbitant price tags often reduce the plans to a pipedream. And among the many luxury automotive brands on the market, the one that steals the show every time is BMW. The name reeks of performance, style, and a kind of status that not many automakers can compete with. On that note, here is a blog by Freeman Motor Company that lists the top three reasons why BMW models are popular. Make a note of these and head to our dealership in Portland or Salem, OR, to finance a BMW.  

A High-Quality Luxurious Brand  

Front quarter view of the 2022 BMW X6
Rear view of the 2022 BMW X2

One of the most important reasons why BMW vehicles are so popular is that the automaker has a reputation for rolling out high-quality, luxurious models. Be it a sedan or an SUV, with a BMW, you shall always get generous cargo and cabin space with a well-appointed interior.   

Brilliant Tech Features  

Vehicles these days are loaded with tech features that make every ride seamless, fun, and adventurous. BMW is one of those luxury brands that has consistently trailed the others in tech. Therefore, car owners who love technology a tad too much love BMW vehicles for all the right reasons.  

Incredible Performance and a Sleek Design  

BMW cars perform incredibly well on the roads and come with agile handling. And not just that, they are also handsome and flaunt sleek designs. Its upscale cabin and gorgeous exterior make driving fun, comfortable, and a luxurious experience.  

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Freeman Motor Company has an excellent range of pre-owned BMW models that will look great in your driveway. Head to our dealership for a test drive or any vehicle maintenance services.