2022 BMW X6 exterior front look

How to Use the BMW Luggage Compartment Accessories?  

Video: Accessorizing BMW Luggage Compartment  

Did you know that you can accessorize your BMW vehicle’s luggage compartment? The BMW-shaped Load Floor Mat is available specifically for your BMW vehicle. You can place it in your trunk to protect your vehicle’s floor lining when you load rough or dirty goods and keep items from sliding. Also, you can install the BMW Sill Mat by strapping it on the corners through the tie hooks behind the loading edge. Lay it out to protect your load floor, or you can roll out the carpet by folding the mat over the loading edges. Check out this video by Freeman Motor Company in Portland, OR, and learn about BMW luggage compartment accessories.  


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BMW vehicle owners can check out the Freeman Motor Company blog to get more information on BMW accessories. Contact our team in Portland, OR, today for more information.  

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