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Most Common Dashboard Warning Lights

What Do the Lights on My Dashboard Mean?

As a car owner, you should know certain warning lights in case of safety concerns and timely action. The warning lights on the dashboard indicate malfunctions in your vehicle; hence it is essential to understand what do the lights on your dashboard mean.

Dashboard warning lights and their meaning

Let’s have a quick look at the 6 most crucial dashboard warning lights:

Dashboard image of warning lights
  • Engine Temperature Light: Represented by a thermometer sign with waves underneath, this light indicates an overheated engine.
  • Seatbelt Light: This light is a reminder for you to strap yourself in. It is represented with the symbol of a person with a seatbelt on.
  • Brake Lights: This symbol is an exclamation point inside a circle with spikes around it and represents busted brake lights. Have your brake lights replaced immediately if this symbol lights up on your dashboard.
Some commom warning icons on the dashboard
  • Airbag Light: This warning light is an indication for having your airbag mechanism checked by a professional. The airbag feature is supposed to protect you from injuries in case of an accident hence error in its working should be taken seriously and repaired as soon as possible.  
  • Battery Light: When this symbol lights up on your dashboard, it indicates that your battery may not be charged properly or is damaged. Have your battery checked at a service center at the earliest.
  • Oil Pressure Light: Represented by the symbol of a oil can, the lighting up of this warning light is an indication of your vehicle being low on fuel. Fill your tank up at the nearest fuel station.

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Warning lights on the dashboard are an indication of major issues with your vehicle that should be addressed immediately and resolved. Head out to the Freeman Motor Service Center for a quick servicing of your vehicle. Contact us to book your slots.

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