Side view of the 2022 Land Rover Defender

What Features Make the Land Rover Defender Popular?  

Top 3 Popular Features of the Land Rover Defender  

With modern conveniences and vintage styling, the Land Rover Defender remained extremely functional over the years, which helped it carve a top spot in the segment. It has a sophisticated and nostalgic appearance that is equally capable of off-road and paved surfaces. In this blog post by Freeman Motor Company in Portland and Salem, OR, we will be focusing on the top three features of the Land Rover Defender that are behind its popularity. Scroll down to read more about it, and don’t forget to check out our inventory if you wish to buy a used vehicle.   

  • The latest Land Rover Defender offers three engine choices that appeal to different market sections. An entry-level turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, the inline-6 powerplant, is paired with a mild-hybrid belt alternator and a 48-volt lithium-ion battery. Those looking for a more thrilling performance can opt for the new supercharged V8.   
  • Another feature that customers will like is the Clear Sight Ground View technology. Many cameras are placed throughout the car giving images of the area hidden by the bonnet on your touchscreen display.  
  • Like many luxury cars, the Land Rover Defender also comes with Panoramic Roofs that let you enjoy the breeze. However, it can make the cabin hot when parked in the Sun. Thus, when you leave and lock the Defender, it automatically closes the sunblind to keep it cool and reopens once you unlock the vehicle.  

A Look at Land Rover Defender 

Back view of the 2022 Land Rover Defender
Front view of the Land Rover Defender

There are many features in the Land Rover Defender that need to be praised. Overall, it drives with dignity and refinement. If you plan to buy a used Land Rover vehicle, feel free to view our inventory and visit us at Freeman Motor Company in Portland and Salem, OR, for more details.