View of a man accessing his Porsche Connect mobile application while standing near his Porsche parked in his garage

What Functions and Services are Available with Porsche Connect?

Porsche Connect Functions and Services

Are you interested in purchasing a quality pre-owned Porsche vehicle in the Portland, OR area? If so, then you should consider exploring the excellent pre-owned Porsche inventory available at Freeman Motor Company in Portland today! If you are interested in a pre-owned Porsche, then you should check out one of the best features it has available, Porsche Connect. Let’s take a look at what the Porsche Connect system offers drivers!

Navigation and Infotainment

Some of the best aspects of Porsche Connect are the navigation and infotainment functions and services. The “My Destinations” function allows drivers to plan and save routes to their favorite locations. Another feature, First Mile Navigation, can lead you directly to your vehicle via your mobile phone and then seamlessly transition to the traditional navigation system. Other navigation and infotainment functions and services available include Dictation, Porsche Voice Pilot, and up-to-date news and weather information.

Remote Access and Security

A few other excellent aspects of Porsche Connect are the remote access and security functions and services available. With remote access, drivers can access key vehicle information, lock and unlock the vehicle, and set the interior climate of the vehicle via their smartphone device. Additionally, the security functionality of Porsche Connect allows drivers to track their vehicle if it is ever stolen with the Porsche Vehicle Tracking System. Porsche Connect also makes automatic calls in the case of an accident with the Emergency Call function.

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