Three Volvo against the sea

What makes the Volvo brand stand out?

Why Choose Volvo?

On a mild chilly day in April, 1927, the Volvo, which is Latin for “I roll,” was rolled out of a factory in Gothenburg, Sweden. This car, “Jakob,” was a dream project of two industrious men: Assar Garielsson and Gustaf Larson. Interestingly, over a crayfish dinner in 1924, the two had decided that it was time to create a Swedish alternative to American cars that dominated the industry at that time. They called their idea, “The Swedish Car.” Formed on the background of quality and safety, the Volvo brand has managed to uphold these brands even today. At Freeman Motor Company, we give you an overview about “why choose Volvo?”

Advantages of the Volvo brand

Volvo promises quality and safety

The Volvo brand has been at the forefront of ensuring safety for its customers. They were the first to provide driver assistance systems that help anticipate and avoid collisions. Their system also supports you in maneuvering and parking. Additionally, after inventing the three-point safety belt, they were the first to introduce it as a standard safety feature in trucks along with driver-side airbags. Also, to make drivers aware about the dangers of speeding, Volvo reduced the top speed of all new cars to 112 mph in 2020. The Care Key introduced by Volvo also puts a speed cap on the car.

Electric charging for a Volvo
The first Volvo, Jakob

Benefit from the latest technology with Volvo

The Volvo brand is completely dedicated to innovation. With a move towards autonomous electric vehicles, Volvo has developed a 360c Concept which has several mood settings allowing you to relax or party on your journey. It also has a mobile, fully connected meeting place and workspace on the move. A sleeper vehicle will deliver you to your morning meeting fully refreshed.

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Volvo is working towards a sustainable future

Volvo is looking to be a climate-neutral company by 2040 by reducing emissions across their entire lifecycle. Taking one step at a time, Volvo plans to reduce the lifecycle carbon footprint by 40% between 2018 and 2025. Their aim is that by 2025, 50% of their annual car sales should be all-electric with the remaining consisting of hybrids. They are also embracing a circular economy that aims to increase the share of recycled and bio-based materials in Volvo cars by 2025.

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