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How Does Freeman Motor Company Connect with the Community?

Freeman Motor Company and Non-Profit Partners Make a Difference in Portland, OR

Here at Freeman Motor Company in Portland and Salem, OR, we try to do as much as we can to make a positive impact on the community. Whether that’s sharing information about local events or volunteering at local organizations, our focus is on the community. Together with our non-profit partners, Freeman Motor Company aims to make a difference in Portland, OR. Stay on this post to learn more about our partners!

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What is the mission and vision of Freeman Motor Company?

Before we share some information about our partners, we want to share our mission and vision. These two standards are what drive us to be a strong member of the community. Our missions is to provide excellent customer service and high quality products while exceeding expectations through warmth, friendliness, and integrity. Our vision is focused on honoring God through our relationships with customers, fellow employees, and the community. Together, the mission and vision helped us come up with our tagline of “Drive away confident™.”

However, we also have a separate vision for community service. Freeman Motor Company strives to uplift, enhance, and improve the lives of members in our community and surrounding communities but partnering with non-profit organizations that focus on improving education, children’s advocacy, children’s health, and the wellbeing of families.

Who are our partners and how do we help the surrounding community?

Now that you know why we put so much focus on the community, here are the non-profit organizations that we partner with:

  1. Africa New Life Ministries. This organization works in Rwanda to help restore the people there through education. They work to provide a well-rounded life to children through education, a stable home, growing in faith, community development, and health.
  2. Bridge Meadows. This organizations focuses on developing and sustaining neighborhoods for families of foster children. They aim to promote permanent living, community and loving relationships while providing safety and purpose to older adults.
  3. Young Life. This organization focuses on mentoring teens across the local school districts through camps and relationships with life leaders.

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Learn more about Freeman Motor Company and our local involvement

If you want to learn more about Freeman Motor Company or about opportunities to support the community, keep following our blog! We like to focus on providing information about all things automotive and local.