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How to show your support to small businesses in Portland, OR

Support local businesses during quarantine 

Even though there are orders to stay home, this does not mean you can’t show your support to local, small businesses. There are a variety of ways to do so. Keep reading to learn some ways you can support our Portland community. 

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Post online and review your favorite shops 

Have you recently ordered food or purchased something online from your favorite shop? Post it online! This helps spread the word on different businesses. Make sure to use the hashtag #PortlandTogether as a way to support Portland virtually. Another way to show support is by giving reviews on Google or Facebook. This is a simple, free way to help out these businesses. 

Buy gift certificates 

To help the smaller businesses, give them a call and see if they offer gift cards or gift certificates. This way they are still getting some revenue in and you can use these later when this pandemic is over. 

Purchase online 

A majority of businesses have websites where you can order from. This is a great way to buy some of your favorite items without leaving the safety of your home. Many restaurants deliver through apps like UberEATS and Grub Hub, which have been offering free delivery as well.  

Experience Portland virtually  

Through the Travel Portland Instagram, you can follow fun tutorials from chefs, watch a live-stream concert and get a glimpse of everyday life of Portland residents.  

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