someone trying to steal a vehicle

How to keep your valuables safe in your vehicle from thieves

Protecting your vehicle from thieves 

As much as we do not want it to be, thieves are a sad reality. Although we may feel like it will never happen to us, we should always take precautions to protect our valuables. Keep reading to learn some tips on how to keep thieves from taking your items.  

person breaking into vehicle

Keep valuables out of sight 

Put your items in your trunk or underneath a blanket in your vehicle. Most thieves will walk around vehicles and look through your windows. If you have anything out of sight, they will be less likely to break into your vehicle.  

Turn off your electronics 

There are apps now that can detect Bluetooth signals. Everything from your phone, tablet and laptop has Bluetooth capability. These apps can show the location of these devices. If your device shows up, your vehicle becomes an instant target. If you do plan on leaving any of those devices in your vehicle, make sure to turn them off so the Bluetooth signal will be off. 

Don’t leave anything unnecessary inside 

Last but not least, get out of the habit of leaving everything in your vehicle. If you only bring along what is necessary for your trip, you put your other valuable items out of harm’s way. 

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Check out our inventory 

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