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How to store your Luxury vehicle for the winter

Tips for storing your luxury vehicle 

Winter can do a lot of damage to your luxury vehicle. The salt on the road can ruin the condition of the vehicle and the risk of someone sliding into your vehicle goes up. For those who want to maintain their luxury vehicle should start thinking about storing it for the winter. Keep reading to learn more about how to prepare for winter storage.  

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Clean it 

No one wants to come back to their car with all the dirt and grime from last fall. Make sure to clean both the exterior and interior of your luxury vehicle.  

Catch up on maintenance 

If there are any maintenance services you have been putting off, make sure to do them before you store your vehicle. Some examples can include changing the oil and filter, switching out a headlight or fill up your tire pressure. Old oil can get nasty very quickly if it sits long enough.  

Fill up 

Top off your fuel tank. Doing this will prevent moisture from getting inside the fuel tank and causing future issues. Plus, it will be one less thing you will need to do when you take your luxury vehicle out of hibernation.  

Cover it up 

Find a place that is dry and secure. Moisture can cause a lot of damage both inside and out.  

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