Should I get a hatchback or sedan model?

Hatchback vs sedan 

When it comes to cars, there are two main body styles to choose between – the sedan and hatchback. If you are deciding between which body style would make the most sense for you, keep reading and we will lay out some of the differences between the two that could help make your decision. 

The pros to a hatchback 

Some of the upsides to a hatchback is its flexible cargo space and visibility. Many modern hatchbacks have split-fold rear seats which give them flexibility with space so you can fit bulky objects without losing out on all your seating. The hatchback also has a slightly high roofline which is great for those who are taller.  

The pros of a sedan 

Due to the shape of most sedans, you can expect better fuel economy because of their aerodynamic design. Sedans weigh less than hatchbacks which is another factor to their better fuel economy. When it comes to the cost of the vehicles, sedans often are priced lower compared to hatchbacks. While sedans do not have flexible cargo space like hatchbacks, they offer more coverage. You will not have to worry too much about valuables being exposed in sedans as you would with hatchbacks. 

Hatchback vs sedan

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Find the model you are looking for at Freeman Motor Company 

Whether a sedan or a hatchback best suits you, we offer both at Freeman Motor Company. Check out our online inventory to see which models we currently have. This list is always up to date so you know exactly what you can expect between our three dealership locations. 

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