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What should I look for when I’m test driving a vehicle?

Test driving tips 

Test driving a new or used vehicle is always a best practice to know what you may be getting yourself into. We have created a list of tips to keep in mind when you’re about to get behind the wheel and find your next vehicle. 

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Make a list of vehicles and features you’re interested in 

You should do a little homework before you enter in a car dealership. Look at various sites to see which features interest you and write them down. This way you know what to look for once you are in the vehicle. 

Dedicate a whole day to just test driving 

A vehicle is a big purchase. Make sure you drive a few vehicles and sleep on your decision to know if you really want this vehicle. You can then compare and contrast what you liked or disliked without any pressure. 

Bring along a friend 

To help you stay focused on the task at hand, bring a friend along. This way you have more eyes on what you are looking for and they may catch something you missed. 

It’s all in the details 

Some things you should look for is if you can enter and leave the vehicle easily and if you fit in the seat comfortably. Think ahead, will your body still be comfortable in this vehicle in five years and will it suit your future family situation. 

Get the specs 

Ask about fuel economy and the technology features. Figure out which oils you may need and if there will be pricey fixes in your future. 

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