tire tracks in snow

Tips for driving your vehicle in the winter

Snow driving tips 

With winter right around the corner, we decided to share some winter driving tips to keep in mind once the snow starts to come down. Keep reading to learn more. 

tire in snow

Always look far ahead 

You should start looking further out ahead and try to anticipate any potential threats on the road. A good trick is to look at higher vehicles and see how they react.  

Don’t slam on your brakes 

The worst thing you can do when the road is slick is by slamming on your brakes. When you do this, you may lose control of your vehicle. If you need to slow down or stop, pump your brakes and test out your traction. This will allow you to maintain more control of your vehicle.  

Follow from a safe distance 

With snow and ice on the road, your stopping distance will broaden. Always maintain a longer distance away from vehicles to ensure you will have more reaction time and be able to stop without sliding into the vehicle in front of you.  

Be aware of your traction 

As you drive through wintery weather, your traction will vary throughout your journey. There are a few safety systems in your vehicle to alert you what the traction is like under your vehicle is like. To test out your traction, check to see if anyone is near you then tap on your brakes. If it is slippery, you will notice the ABS system activated.  

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