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2020 BMW X3 parked on a smooth terrain

Where Can I Find a Used BMW in Portland, Oregon?

Used BMW Models for Sale in Portland, OR  

When it comes to luxury vehicles that combine exquisite craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and exhilarating performance, BMW stands out as a top contender. While purchasing a brand-new BMW may be out of reach for some, the market for used BMW models offers an enticing opportunity to own a premium model at a more affordable cost. Individuals living in and around Portland, OR, can check out the vast used BMW inventory and car financing options for Freeman Motor Company. Continue reading to learn more!  

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2024 BMW XM Label Red driving on the road

First Look of the 2024 BMW XM Label Red

Video: 2024 BMW XM Label Red Walkthrough 

Get ready to witness the future of luxury cars with the 2024 BMW XM Label Red. This stunning new model offers a unique blend of performance and style, with sleek lines and a powerful engine. The 2023 XM Label Red is the perfect car for drivers who want to stand out on the road. With advanced technology and cutting-edge features, this car is sure to impress even the most discerning driver. Join us on this blog by Freeman Motor Company in Portland, Oregon, for a first look at the 2023 BMW XM Label Red! 

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2024 BMW X6 on road

Price and Performance Specs: A Look at the 2024 BMW X6

What’s New in the 2024 BMW X6?  

A stunning exterior design, cozy cabin, and potent powertrain are some of the qualities offered by the 2024 BMW X6. This vehicle is a true testament to the innovation and design prowess of BMW. From the moment you look at its pleasantly elegant design, you know that this vehicle demands attention. And once you take the wheel, you’ll have a driving experience like no other, as the X6 seamlessly merges power and precision for an unforgettable ride. It comes with a starting MSRP of $73,900. Please read ahead to learn more about it. Also, individuals interested in buying a used BMW model can visit Freeman Motor Company near Portland, Oregon.  

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a woman accessing the infotainment system of a BMW

Learn more about the BMW Genius smart technology

How to set the BMW theater screen? 

BMW Genius is an innovative and intelligent technology that enhances the driving experience by providing drivers with helpful information about their car’s features and capabilities. It’s a user-friendly system that helps drivers make the most of their BMW’s advanced features and functions. One of the standout features of BMW Genius is the theater screen. This high-definition display provides a wealth of information and entertainment options for drivers and passengers alike.  

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Family near a vehicle

Video: Learn to Plan Your Trip with BMW Maps  

Is it Easy to Use BMW Maps?   

Planning a trip can be daunting, especially if you’re going to an unfamiliar place. BMW Maps is a cloud-based navigation system that provides everything you need to make your journey seamless. Watch the video below to get more details on this feature. For your vehicle’s repair and maintenance services, visit Freeman Motor Company, our dealership in Portland, OR.  

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2024 BMW X5

What are the Top Features Offered by the 2024 BMW X5?  

Top Features of the 2024 BMW X5: Luxury and Performance  

The 2024 BMW X5 is a well-rounded mid-size luxury SUV with something for everyone. This vehicle offers a range of features that appeal to drivers seeking luxury, performance, and environmental friendliness. In this blog by Freeman Motor Company, we’ll discuss the top features of the 2024 BMW X5 luxury and performance.   

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2022 BMW X6 parked outside a building

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to the BMW Theater Screen?

A Guide to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to the BMW Theater Screen  

You can connect up to two unique Bluetooth headphones to the BMW theater screen and enjoy privacy and comfort while on the road. Our Freeman Motor Company dealership in Portland has a tutorial video showing you how to connect your Bluetooth headphones to the BMW screen. Scroll down, watch the video, and learn more. 

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2023 BMW X5 with headlights on during the night

What’s New for the 2023 BMW X5?

2023 BMW X5 Key Features and Specs  

We all could agree that BMW vehicles are popular for rolling out vehicles that offer a comfortable and smooth ride. The 2023 BMW X5 impresses with its features and good performance. It gives you a luxurious look and premium feel. Continue reading below to learn more about the 2023 BMW X5 key characteristics. If you’re thinking of buying a pre-owned BMW model, visit Freeman Motor Company in Portland or Salem, OR.   

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2023 BMW i7 exterior front look

How to Temporarily Block or Remove Personal eSIM?

Video: Guide to Temporarily Block or Remove Personal eSIM  

Did you share your BMW car keys with someone else? You can temporarily block your personal eSIM from use and reconnect later. You can use the My BMW App & select the Personal eSIM menu option. Find out the list of your BMW vehicles to discover the option to block your personal eSIM. We have a video guide showing you how to temporarily block or temporarily remove your personal eSIM. To learn more, scroll down and read this blog by Freeman Motor Company in Portland or Salem, OR. 

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