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blue 2020 BMW X5

Where can I find 2020 model year vehicles with All-Wheel Drive capability in Portland?

All-Wheel Drive vehicles in Portland OR 

If you are looking for more capability on or off-road, all-wheel-drive vehicles are a good route to go. At Freeman Motor Company, we offer a variety of all-wheel drive 2020 model vehicles. Keep reading to see which ones we currently offer! 

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Which BMW X-series vehicles does Freeman Motor Company offer?

Freeman Motor Company BMW X-series vehicles 

Known for its athletic aesthetics and advanced innovations, BMW paves the road with its dynamic engineering. We are excited to offer a variety of BMW vehicles on our lot at Freeman Motor Company. Since we have such an expansive inventory of BMW vehicles, we wanted to focus on the X-series vehicles. Keep reading to learn more about each.  Read the rest of this entry >>

bmw vehicle with android auto

Can I connect my Android phone to my BMW vehicle?

Android Auto is now offered in BMW vehicles 

It is rare to come across anyone who does not have a smartphone. We have become so reliant on our phone to stay connected, it can be difficult to not check our phone while we are driving. To help keep our eyes on the road, BMW now offers Android Auto for Android smartphone users. To learn more about this system and what features are available, keep reading.  Read the rest of this entry >>