2022 Mercedes-AMG® GT 53 4-Door Coupe exterior front view

What does AMG in a Mercedes-Benz Vehicle Stand For?

What is the Meaning of AMG in a Mercedes-Benz Vehicle?

Have you wondered what AMG on a Mercedez-Benz model stands for? Mercedes-AMG is a trim of the Mercedes-Benz brand with high-performance engines aimed solely to boost the driving performance of these models. Visit Freeman Motor Company in Portland, OR, to purchase Mercedes-AMG models. Read on for more details on AMG.

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Tesla Model X Plaid exterior front view

List of Top 3 Tesla Electric Vehicles

Discovering the Tesla Electric Vehicles 

Electric vehicles have just recently started to take the U.S. marketplace. Tesla has a large amount of competition in the electric car market and continues to battle competitors. However, competition in the E.V. space is increasing as automakers begin releasing their zero-emission vehicles. Currently, the top three Tesla electric cars are well ahead of the competition. It has topped the chart of worldwide searches for electric vehicles based on the popularity it receives. Freeman Motor Company in Portland, OR, has listed down the top three Tesla electric vehicles in the U.S. along with in-depth information on these models. Check out the blog below!  

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2021 Mercedes-Benz A-Class exterior side looks

Explore the Top Luxurious Features of Mercedes-Benz

Top Luxurious Features of Mercedes-Benz 

High-quality materials and luxurious finishes are at the core of Mercedez-Benz vehicles. Equipped with a slew of luxury features, these vehicles let you experience driving in a completely new way. While there are countless features that deserve praise, there are a few that have amassed a cult following from users and enthusiasts. In today’s article by our team at Freeman Motor Company, we are sharing the top luxurious features you can find on Mercedes-Benz vehicles.  

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A man standing in front of the 2023 BMW i7

Introducing the 2023 BMW i7

Video: Check Out the 2023 BMW i7 with Swarovski Crystal Headlights  

The luxury automaker BMW has partnered with Swarovski to create magic with the 2023 i7. Driven by the desire for perfection, Swarovski helps BMW make a striking impression with a new illuminated kidney grille headlight design. These headlights are crafted with the most exclusive Swarovski crystal glass, establishing a luxurious statement. Watch this YouTube video in this blog by Freeman Motor Company in Portland, OR, and witness the creation of radiant magic with the 2023 BMW i7.  

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2022 Land Rover Defender exterior side view

What Features Make the Land Rover Defender Popular?  

Top 3 Popular Features of the Land Rover Defender  

With modern conveniences and vintage styling, the Land Rover Defender remained extremely functional over the years, which helped it carve a top spot in the segment. It has a sophisticated and nostalgic appearance that is equally capable of off-road and paved surfaces. In this blog post by Freeman Motor Company in Portland and Salem, OR, we will be focusing on the top three features of the Land Rover Defender that are behind its popularity. Scroll down to read more about it, and don’t forget to check out our inventory if you wish to buy a used vehicle.   

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