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What are the Best Cafes in Portland, OR?

Top Cafes for Coffee Lovers in Portland, OR  

When you plan to explore a city, you might face many struggles but in Portland, finding a relaxing cup of coffee is not a problem. There are many local cafes in the town that have mastered the art of making coffee. Join Freeman Motor Company in Portland, Oregon, as we give you the list of some of the best cafes in the city. Keep reading to know more!  

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Where to Go on a Road Trip Around Portland, OR?

Where to Go on a Road Trip Around Portland, OR?

As the largest city in Oregon, Portland is the gateway to appealing and scenic road trips. Its proximity to the Pacific Northwest places makes it one of the best places to live in Oregon. Located within an hour or a few away, you can go on surreal trips to places like Mount Hood or Cannon Beach or Columbia River Gorge, and more. Here’s our answer to where to go on a road trip around Portland, OR.

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Find out what items are essential for a successful road trip in this YouTube video

What should I bring with me to have a successful road trip?

Summertime is the best time to gather your friends for a road trip across the state or across the country. However, before you go on this journey, you need to make sure you have all the proper supplies. Today, Freeman Motor Company in Portland, OR, is here to help you have a successful road trip! Below, we have shared a helpful video that details what you should bring with you to have a successful road trip. This video also includes supplies that help you to continue to stay safe and follow local guidelines for COVID-19.

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2021 BMW X6 front view

Exploring the BMW Journey from 1916 to 2021

What is the History of the BMW Brand?

Here at Freeman Motor Company, we offer several popular brands for you to choose from. This includes the well-loved German automotive brand, BMW. If you want to learn more about the BMW brand, then you have come to the right place. As automotive enthusiasts, we are here to share the history of the BMW brand! Keep reading to see how far this German automaker has come!

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New Land Rover Defender white side view

Freeman Reviews the New Defender

What is it like to drive the new Land Rover Defender?

As I set eyes on the new Defender, it felt surreal to see it in person. The wait was over and the anticipation high. Would it just be a Discovery in Defender clothing? I waited for paperwork and the normal dealer items to come through. I just stood there gazing at various angles taking in the amazing lines. Rover had really pulled it off. They had captured the old lines with the soft additions of a modern look. I was literally feasting my eyes on modern art from a bygone heritage.

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