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a mechanic checking tire pressure

Watch This Informative How-To Video on How to Check Your Vehicle’s Tire Pressure!

Can Tire Pressure Affect My Vehicle’s Fuel Economy? 

When shopping for a car, fuel economy is a significant factor. Good fuel efficiency ensures that you prevent major spending on gas and also reduce your carbon footprint. And maintaining a steady fuel economy is a simple proposition. Ensuring the appropriate tire pressure is bound to provide better fuel economy. Can tire pressure affect my vehicle’s fuel economy, you ask? Well, yes.  

Fuel economy mainly depends on reducing resistance so your car can move more easily on the road. If the tires aren’t inflated enough, they will be saggy and soft. Your engine will have to work harder to move the car forward. When your engine works harder, inevitably, your car burns more fuel. To understand how to check your vehicle’s tire pressure, at Freeman Motor Company in Portland, Oregon, we present a video prepared by the folks at AutoZone. Meanwhile, if you’re facing any other problems in your vehicle, you can schedule a service appointment. If you’re looking for detailing and reconditioning services, visit the Freeman Portland Autospa

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Windshield wiper blade

Here Are The Reasons Why Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement Is Important

Importance of Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement  

Windshield wiper blades need changing as they have a huge role in your safety. Over time, the sun fades the wipers and causes cracking. Also, the windshield wipers get worn out due to their usage. Wiper blades need to be replaced every six months or when you notice a difference in driving visibility. Our Freeman Motor Company dealership team in Portland, OR, wants you to learn the importance of windshield wiper blade replacement.   

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Headlight of a car

Importance of Replacing Lights on Your Vehicle

Why You Should Replace Your Vehicle’s Lights 

Not only is replacing the lights on your vehicle essential, but having the pair purchased at once will make a difference in cost and efficiency. Since headlamps guide you on the path, you must make sure to always keep the lights functional. However, one cannot guarantee the life of these lights unless you get services from original dealers. Therefore, it is also important that you approach the best in town for the replacement of lamps. Visit us at Freeman Motor Company in Portland, OR. Let’s now see why you should replace your vehicle’s lights so that you avoid driving yourself into hazardous situations. 

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Several vehicles at a service center

Where Should I Do My Vehicle Service in Portland, OR?

Vehicle Service in Portland, OR 

Your vehicle should be inspected and maintained with the utmost care and skill. These exquisite but complex cars require rest and replenishment in order to continue providing unforgettable experiences for years to come. You may handle the repairs yourself or hire a technician, but we at Freeman Motor Company in Portland, OR can tell you that no one knows cars like they do. Look at our selection of used vehicles. This blog article will discuss vehicle service in Portland, OR. 

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An overheated car on the road

Help! There’s Smoke Coming from Under My Hood!

What Does It Mean When I See Smoke Coming from Under My Hood?

Unless you’re hosting a bonfire for friends, seeing smoke where it shouldn’t be can definitely be scary, especially when it’s coming from your car. While we have already covered what it means when smoke is coming from your exhaust, you might be wondering about the smoke that’s appearing from under your hood. Today, we will be covering what it means when you see smoke coming from under the hood of your car. We will focus on the color and smell of the smoke so you can easily diagnose the potential issue. Read on to start learning!

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Mechanic posing with a tool

Need a service done on your vehicle? Here is what you can expect from Freeman Motor Company while you wait

Service waiting amenities 

Whether you need a quick oil change or need something more, at Freeman Motor Company we offer the best vehicle service around. While you are waiting for your service to be done, we have a few amenities to help you and keep your time pleasant. Keep reading to learn more about our service waiting amenities. 

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blue 2020 BMW X5

Where can I find 2020 model year vehicles with All-Wheel Drive capability in Portland?

All-Wheel Drive vehicles in Portland OR 

If you are looking for more capability on or off-road, all-wheel-drive vehicles are a good route to go. At Freeman Motor Company, we offer a variety of all-wheel drive 2020 model vehicles. Keep reading to see which ones we currently offer! 

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