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Your 5-Point Spring Car Maintenance Checklist

Spring car maintenance  

Believe it or not, spring is just right around the corner. With the weather warming up, there are a few things you should do to prepare your vehicle. We have all the services you should have done listed out in our blog. Keep reading to learn more. 

A mechanic changing the tire

Change your oil 

To help maintain the health of your engine, oil changes are an important service to regularly have. Springtime is a good time to change your oil since you will probably be on the road more traveling to different places. 

Test your battery and replace it if needed 

Winter weather can take a toll on the battery function. You should test it out to see how well it is holding up, especially since the warmer air can evaporate battery fluids and speed up corrosion. 

Check over your tires 

Tires can impact how your vehicle operates from the fuel economy to the alignment. You should have the air pressure in your tires and tread checked. The pressure can fluctuate as the temperature changes. 

Have your wiper blades replaced 

We don’t think about our wiper blades too often until we need to use them. You should inspect them before you need to use them with the spring rain that is bound to come. 

Clean your lights 

Our headlights and taillights get dirty like any part of our vehicle. You should have these cleaned out so you don’t have to keep squinting in the dark. 

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Get your vehicle ready for spring by stopping by Freeman Motor Company 

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