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2023 BMW i4 Charging

How to Operate the Charging Management Features in My BMW App

Charging Management Features of the BMW App  

Electric vehicles are taking over the Automotive Market by storm. Although, the management of charging your electric or hybrid vehicle might become a hectic task. All BMW vehicles come equipped with Charging Management Features that can be easily controlled through the My BMW app. If you are an owner of any electric or hybrid BMW vehicle, you can effortlessly manage your vehicle’s charging by using its Charging Management Features. To know more about how to use the Charging Management Features, read this post by the Freeman Motor Company dealership in Portland, OR

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Filling fuel in a vehicle

Tips to Increase the Fuel Economy of Your Vehicle

Useful Tips to Improve the Fuel Economy of the Vehicle

Fuel consumption plays a vital role in the overall motoring cost of your vehicle. As the price of fuel goes up, it is important to increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Fuel consumption is at its peak when you’re accelerating and traveling at high speeds. Increasing the fuel efficiency of your vehicle doesn’t just save money but also reduces the carbon emissions of your car. Read some useful tips for better fuel economy of your vehicle in this blog post by Freeman Motor Company in Portland, OR

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2022 BMW X3 on road

Video: Learn About the BMW Luggage Compartment Accessories

How to Use the BMW Luggage Compartment Accessories  

BMW models are equipped with advanced technology to make your driving experience better. This blog post will tell you about the BMW Shaped Load Floor Mat placed in the trunk to protect your floor lining when you store dirty items. You will get all the details in the video below. Those interested in buying a used BMW model can visit us at Freeman Motor Company in Portland, OR.  

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2020 Volvo XC90 exterior side view

What are the Advantages of Buying an Electric Vehicle?  

Benefits of Purchasing EVs  

Electric vehicles are comparatively a new concept in this ever-evolving automotive industry. Unlike regular cars, EVs are designed with brilliant technology and are eco-friendly. They are powered by electricity which aids in increasing their popularity among the urban population. Continue reading this blog by Freeman Motor Company in Portland, OR, and learn about the benefits of buying an EV.  

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2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV exterior side view

Video: Tips to Take Care of your Mercedes-EQ

How Can I Take Care of My Mercedes-EQ?  

Do you own a Mercedes-EQ? Are you confused as to how to take care of your Mercedes-EQ? The best way to do that is regular maintenance and service of your vehicle. To provide helpful tips, the Freeman Motor Company team in Portland has a video for you. This video explains how to take the best care of your Mercedes-EQ. Continue reading and learn all about maintenance tips for your Mercedes-EQ.  

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Windshield wipers

Here Are The Reasons Why Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement Is Important

Importance of Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement  

Windshield wiper blades need changing as they have a huge role in your safety. Over time, the sun fades the wipers and causes cracking. Also, the windshield wipers get worn out due to their usage. Wiper blades need to be replaced every six months or when you notice a difference in driving visibility. Our Freeman Motor Company dealership team in Portland, OR, wants you to learn the importance of windshield wiper blade replacement.   

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Create A New Account on Mercedes Me Connect

How to Create a New Account on Mercedes Me Connect?

Create A New Account on Mercedes Me Connect 

Do you have a Mercedes vehicle and want to learn how the Mercedes Me Connect works? Then keep reading this blog by Freeman Motor Company to learn how to create a new account on Mercedes Me Connect. After that you can check out our available inventory here at Freeman Motor Company in Portland, OR, or schedule a test drive with us! 

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A lady standing by the BMW iX

How To Open the Doors from Inside the BMW iX?

Watch this video explaining how to open the BMW iX’s doors from inside the vehicle   

The BMW iX is BMW’s first all-electric Sports Activity Vehicle and the German brand’s biggest and most advanced electric vehicle. It’s packed with visionary technology that transforms what we think of as the future of driving intelligence. And it all starts from the doors. The 2022 BMW iX comes with intelligent driver and passenger doors that open from the inside with just a simple gesture. Intrigued? Watch this video posted by BMW USA on its YouTube channel explaining how to open your BMW iX’s doors from inside the vehicle.  

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