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What’s So Special About Snow Tires?

What Are Snow Tires?  

Winter tires are made specifically to tackle driving difficulties during the most hazardous months of the year. They explicitly offer superior grip and more control in winter conditions, from their tread patterns down to the chemical compositions in the tread rubber.  

When you get on the road in the winter, it’s essential to pay close attention to the weather and alter your driving style if you reside in an area that frequently has snowy or icy conditions. While it’s necessary to drive slowly, brake gently, and keep a wider gap between cars, installing winter or “snow” tires may be the most crucial safety measure. Join us in this blog by Freeman Motor Company as we discuss what’s so special about snow tires.  

How are Snow Tires Different?  

Tires that are specifically made for usage in colder climates, as well as in snowy and icy situations, are known as winter or snow tires. The incidence of road-related incidents caused by sliding decreases thanks to their better traction capacities, which improve vehicle mobility, stability, and control in bad weather. Pavement, mud, ice, and snow are just a few of the surfaces for which winter tires are appropriate. Their design includes metal pins that protrude from the tire to prevent skidding and accidents on icy or snow-covered roads. Winter tires’ tread patterns let snow accumulate inside the tread, where it hardens and functions as a traction aid. Installing winter tires on all wheel positions is advisable for safety reasons.  

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