2023 BMW X7 exterior front look

Top Three BMW Vehicles in Portland or Salem, OR

Which are the Top Three BMW Models?

BMW is known for its luxurious and tech-savvy vehicles. One would love to have a  BMW model for an ultra-advanced and ever-engaging ride. But do we know which ones are superior in their form and function? At Freeman Motor Company in Portland or Salem, OR, we explore the characteristics of the top three BMW vehicles to give you an informed purchase experience. Read on for more information.

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2023 BMW X6 front three quarter view

Luxury Features of BMW

What are the Top Luxurious Features Available in BMW Vehicles?

Everyone at large enjoys luxurious rides. If we have an option to afford anything that provides us with luxury, we will go for it. With world-class luxury specs, we have BMW vehicles owning the market for their unparalleled performance. At Freeman Motor Company in Portland or Salem, OR, we explore the luxury features that these models offer. Read on to learn more.

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2022 Mercedes-Benz GLS Class exterior side looks

These Are the Top Three Mercedes-Benz Models You Can Buy in the US

List of Top 3 Mercedes-Benz Models 

Mercedes-Benz is renowned for making some of the most luxurious cars in the world. The German automaker is famous for its luxury, quality, and unquestionable reliability. If you’re in the market for a new or used Mercedes-Benz, we’re sure you wouldn’t want to spend your money on only the best, so Freeman Motor Company decided to list the top three Mercedes-Benz models you can buy in the US in 2022.

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2023 Tesla Model S exterior side looks

What are the Top 3 Brands Selling Electric Vehicles?

List of the Top 3 Brands Selling EVs  

There is no denying that the EV segment is blooming, with some top brands introducing excellent electric vehicles to impress customers. Along with saving money on fuel and low maintenance costs, these vehicles are eco-friendly and the only future we can look up to. Many reputed brands are making noise in the EV world. In this blog post by Freeman Motor Company in Portland or Salem, OR, we will tell you everything about it. Scroll down to learn more!  

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A woman driving a BMW vehicle

Tips to Adjust the Driver Assistant System Setting in a BMW Vehicle

How to Adjust the Driver Assistant System in BMW OS8? 

Comfort exemplified by the luxurious designs and interior features of a BMW vehicle guarantees an unparalleled experience. The BMW iX is the first in the lineup to house the finely tuned features of this highly efficient equipment that helps personalize the drive. Interaction patterns have also been changed in the system to enable assistance at a smarter level. Here’s a video guide on how to adjust the driver assistant system in BMW OS8. If the infotainment system and related safety functions in the new BMW System excite you, make sure to check out more about it at Freeman Motor Company in Salem, OR.

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