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Prepare your vehicle for the fall weather at Freeman Motor Company

Fall maintenance at Freeman Motor Company 

Winter is right around the corner so get ahead of the curve and check off some maintenance you may need this fall. We have created a short list of items to have serviced before winter. Keep reading to see what you may need to have done. 

Have your lights inspected 

Your headlight lens will start to fog up after a few years. This can lead to a decrease in night vision. Since the day will be getting shorter, you will need to start using your headlights more. There are kits to use to help defog the lenses. 

Fill up your tires 

As temperatures drop, so does the pressure in your tires. To prevent low fuel economy and excessive wear on your tires, fill them up. This will help ensure they last longer. 

Replace your wipers 

Windshield wipers are a component of vehicles we don’t often think about until we have to use them, so here is a reminder to check them out. They will be useful once you need to start defrosting your windshield. A good practice is to replace your windshield wipers every six months. 

Get a car wash 

Summertime can get a bit messy with all the bugs and birds. Wash off your vehicle to prepare for the mess of winter. If you want to go the extra mile, we suggest waxing your vehicle for extra protection. 

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