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Tips for driving your vehicle at night

Night driving tips 

Driving at nighttime be a little risky. We have found a few tips to help prepare you for driving in the dark. Keep reading learn more about these night driving tips. 

dashboard lit up in vehicle

Dim any lights inside your vehicle cabin 

Modern vehicles have infotainment screens and LED lights that can be distracting at night. Luckily, these features offer dimmer switches to help your eyes adjust better in the darkness and remove any reflections on the windshield. 

Scan the road for eyes 

As strange as it sounds the best way to detect any animal like raccoons, possums or deer is to look for the reflection in their eyes. If you do see an animal, the best strategy is to slow down without exiting your lane or driving off the road. If the animal is heading towards you, check to see if there are other vehicles around you and safely swerve around the animal. 

Clear off your windshield 

During the day windshields may appear clean but at night, streaks become more apparent. A trick is to polish the glass with a newspaper to remove any residue. Another way to clear off your windshield is to use a cotton or microfiber cloth. Keep these in your door pocket for easy access. 

Don’t be afraid to use your high beams 

According to experts, high beams are underutilized. High beams can be very useful in rural areas or on open roads. Dim your high beams once you are within 500 feet of an oncoming vehicle so you don’t blind the driver. 

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