How to wash your car

Car washing tips 

Spring is here, which means there is now pollen, bird poop, dirt or other substances you do not want on your vehicle. While it is nice to treat your vehicle to a car wash from the gas station, there are cheaper ways to clean your vehicle. Keep reading to learn some tips to keep in mind when washing your vehicle.  

cleaning car seat

What to use 

There are specific types of soap or wipes to use on your vehicle that will not ruin the paint and coating. Before you wash everything, make sure to rinse it off from excess particles. If you are using vehicle specific soap, either use a soft sponge or microfiber cloth to wipe down your vehicle. Use a separate cloth or sponge when you are washing your tires. 

Things not to do when washing your vehicle 

Never use any household cleaning products to wash your vehicle. These will often be too harsh and could strip away the coating. Try not to scrub your vehicle in circles because you might cause small scratches which will then be in circles. If you can, do not put down your sponge or cloth on the ground. If you do, rinse it off before you use it again. You want to avoid scratching your vehicle as much as possible. 

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Check out our Autospa 

If this all seems a bit much and you would rather have professionals do this for you, we offer an Autospa at our dealership. Some of our exterior repairs include paintless dent removal, paint touch up and windshield repair. Schedule your appointment today from our website. 

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