Fall driving tips to keep in mind

3 Tips for Fall Driving 

With the change of season, you can expect the weather to cool down and the days shorten. We have created a list of tips to keep in mind now that fall has come. Keep reading to learn more. 

country road in the forest during autumn

1. Be aware of deer 

Fall is the mating season for deer which means they will be more active around the roads. If you can, try to avoid driving around dawn or dusk, as this is when they are on the move. Otherwise, drive with caution and look for their eye reflections to spot them right away. 

2. Drive carefully over leaves 

Leaves on the ground can be a surprising hazard. They become slippery once they are on the ground which could lead to your vehicle losing control if you do any hard braking on them. Fallen leaves can also cover potholes or other obstacles on the road, so always be careful when driving through them. 

3. Be ready for the shortened days 

The sun will be setting sooner and it can potentially cause dangerous glares which can make it difficult to see other vehicles. Always keep a spare pair of sunglasses in your vehicle to help you see during this time. If you are done with work later, make sure your headlights are working well and keep your eyes always moving to avoid animals, pedestrians or any other hazards on the road. 

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Need your vehicle serviced for fall? We’ve got you covered 

At Freeman Motor Company, we have a service center right at our dealership. If you need to get your vehicle ready for the cooler weather, we offer heating services, tire rotations and oil changes. Schedule an appointment today! 

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