pumpkin with mask on with the words "happy halloween"

4 ways you can celebrate Halloween without the crowds

Halloween ideas during COVID 

Halloween looks a little different this year, but it doesn’t mean it has to be any less fun. We have found four ways you can celebrate Halloween without needing to leave your home. Keep reading to find some ideas! 

Make a scavenger hunt 

Use your old Easter eggs and fill them with candy. You can also paint them, so they look spookier and hide them for your kids to search for. If you want to go further, make some clues and have them search for the sweet treasure. 

Have virtual parties 

There are so many different virtual parties you can have that are Halloween themed. Some ideas we have include a pumpkin carving contest, costume party and sharing scary stories. You can get creative with prizes by sending virtual gift cards or making gift baskets. 

Watch scary movies 

Whether you do this as a family or with friends, you can still social distance while watching scary movies. Use a Google Chrome extension called Netflix Party to connect with friends and watch scary movies together virtually as well. 

Go big with Halloween decorations 

Give your neighbors something to look at by adding a fog machine to your yard and adding some scarecrows. You can also show off your creativity by carving pumpkins and putting them outside. 

pumpkin with mask on

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