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What are some ways to keep a road trip fun?

Car games to play while on a road trip 

While we all enjoy going to different destinations the ride there can get boring sometimes. As a way to create a more entertaining ride, we have compiled a small list of games you can play during a road trip. Keep reading define some games to play. 

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Get competitive at rest stops 

To help keep everyone as active as possible at each red stop trying to make competition as to whom how many pushups, sit-ups, or laps someone can do in a certain amount of time. 

Create stories 

A fun way to keep everyone engaged is by creating a story. To do this, someone will start a story with a sentence and each person after will add a sentence to the story. Set a timer for 15 minutes so you know when a good time would be to end the story. 

The Alphabet Game 

Using billboards, license plates or signs try finding each letter of the alphabet in alphabetical order. Whoever finds Z at the end of the sequence wins. 

Secret place 

As a little and seek, take out a map and find a small town, river, village or something notable on the map. Once a person has announced the name of this place everyone else needs to try to find it on the map. Whoever finds the place first wins. 

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