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What are the Best Cafes in Portland, OR?

Top Cafes for Coffee Lovers in Portland, OR  

When you plan to explore a city, you might face many struggles but in Portland, finding a relaxing cup of coffee is not a problem. There are many local cafes in the town that have mastered the art of making coffee. Join Freeman Motor Company in Portland, Oregon, as we give you the list of some of the best cafes in the city. Keep reading to know more!  

Good Coffee  

It is one of the most popular cafes in Portland, and it justifies its name. The coffee is fantastic, and so is the atmosphere. With cozy seating and dreamy ambiance, it is the perfect spot if you want to chill with your friends.  

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Coava Coffee Roasters  

This café is a true gem. The interior is airy, beautiful and the décor gives you the feel of a modern coffee shop. The coffee is prepared with high-quality beans and expert techniques. It is a good place for relaxing or for some work.  

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Coffee beans coming out of a bag.

Commissary Café  

Along with good coffee, this place offers some of the best pastries in the city. The interior is bright and beautiful. They have dedicated customers, so you might have to wait for a little, but it is worth it.  

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Proud Mary  

Coffee of this place is hard to beat, and when you get it served on the table, you also get a card explaining the origin of beans and farmers harvesting them.  

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We hope you will plan to visit these cafés with your friends soon. Meanwhile, contact us at Freeman Motor Company in Portland and Salem, Oregon, if you want to leave your vehicle for servicing or maintenance. Individuals interested in buying a used car can also view our online inventory. Keep reading our blogs for more information. We hope to see you soon!