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Where to Go on a Road Trip Around Portland, OR?

Where to Go on a Road Trip Around Portland, OR?

As the largest city in Oregon, Portland is the gateway to appealing and scenic road trips. Its proximity to the Pacific Northwest places makes it one of the best places to live in Oregon. Located within an hour or a few away, you can go on surreal trips to places like Mount Hood or Cannon Beach or Columbia River Gorge, and more. Here’s our answer to where to go on a road trip around Portland, OR.

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Go on a Road Trip with your Family or Friends in Portland, OR?

As the heart of Oregon, Portland will never disappoint when it comes to day trips. There are a ton of nearby locations you can spend your weekend in.

Columbia River Gorge

Located just an hour drive away from Portland, is the Columbia River Gorge, home to the iconic Multnomah Falls. Interstate 84 and Historic Columbia River Highway connects most of Oregon to the gorge. The gorge is characterized by gorgeous hiking trails apart from waterfalls. Drive down easily to reach Columbia River Gorge.

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Wilderness Trail
Wilderness Trail

Cannon Beach

Nestled just 80 miles from Portland, OR, is Cannon beach. The white sandy Cannon beach offers impressive views of the rugged Oregon coastline. The coast is lined with artisan stores, family-friendly eateries, and accommodation for any budget. The Haystack Road is a prominent attraction on Cannon beach. As the beach is located just 2-hours away, you can easily drive down to visit and spend a fun weekend.

Couple Hiking

Smith Rock Skate Park

This is one of the most famous sport climbing destinations in America. Ideal for climbers of all levels, Smith Rock Skate Park is lined with monolithic basalt columns. You can also explore interesting hiking trails like the Misery Ridge Trail. Enjoy panoramic views of the skate park from these trail summits.

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All these amazing destinations are located within an hour or two away from Portland, OR. You can easily get a used car and check these weekend destinations off your list. Check out our used cars inventory to schedule a test drive.