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How Do I Keep My Car Cool During the Summer Season?

Tips to Keep Your Car Cool When Parked in the Summer

Summer is a great time to take trips to the lake, go hiking, and enjoy the sunny weather. However, we’ve all experienced the moment of stepping into our car after it’s been parked for a while and burning our hands on the seatbelt. If you’ve experienced this one too many times, Freeman Motor Company in Portland, OR, is here to help! Today, we will be sharing tips that will help keep your car cool when parked in the summer.

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Keep your car cool on those hot summer days

  1. Use a sunshade or dash cover. These items can make a big difference in keeping your car’s interior cool. Additionally, these items can also prevent sun damage from occurring on any vinyl components.
  2. Place a towel on your steering wheel. Even you are using a sunshade, you can also use a towel to keep the steering wheel temperature at a cooler temperature.
  3. Park in shade or in a garage. Whenever you have the chance, park your car under the shade or in a garage if one is nearby to your location. Any extra walking time will be well worth it when you return to your car at the end of your trip.
  4. Crack the windows slightly before leaving your car. By leaving just a small crack in all of your windows, you can promote ventilation which will help keep your car cool. Just remember to check that you can’t fit your arm through the crack and that there isn’t a chance for rain that day.
  5. Leave door opens before entering. If you forget to do any of the aforementioned tips, you can leave the doors open for a few minutes before entering your car. This will help get all of the hot air out.

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