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How Do I Maintain My Pre-Owned Luxury Vehicle?

Best Ways to Maintain Your Pre-Owned Luxury Vehicle

Congratulations! You just left Freeman Motor Company in Portland, OR, with your very own pre-owned luxury vehicle! While you might be jumping for joy right now, you probably also know that you will have to maintain your “new” car. If this is your first luxury vehicle, you might be wondering how you are supposed to maintain it. No need to worry about that because we are here to help! Today, we will be sharing the best ways to maintain your pre-owned luxury vehicle. Check out our tips below!

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Provide your luxury car with the care that it deserves

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  1. Change the oil regularly. While this may seem like common sense in regard to vehicle maintenance, this service is often neglected by people. By getting your regular oil changes, you can avoid problems like an overheating engine.
  2. Pay attention to the interior. Many of us will put most of our focus on the mechanical components of a vehicle and while we need to do the same for luxury vehicles, the interior needs attention as well. The interior is made up of some of the finest materials, so they need special care to keep them clean and in top condition.
  3. Get regular car washes. Whether you decide to wash it by hand, by a professional, or by an automatic car wash, you should be getting your luxury vehicle washed regularly. This will help protect the paint from damage that can be caused by debris and harsh elements.
  4. Practice smart driving. The best way to protect your luxury vehicle and ensure it lasts for many years is to practice smart driving. This includes avoiding excessive braking, speeding over bumps, and being conscious of how you are driving.

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