2022 Mercedes Benz GLC on road

Where Can I Shop for Used Vehicles with All-Wheel Drive in Portland, OR?  

Used AWD Vehicles Near Me in Portland, Oregon  

Choosing a used vehicle with all-wheel drive presents a myriad of advantages, from improved traction and stability to increased versatility across diverse terrains and weather conditions. Continue reading below to learn more about its benefits. Also, those interested in buying a pre-owned vehicle can view our online inventory and car financing options at Freeman Motor Company, our dealership in Portland, Oregon.   

Why Should I Buy a Pre-Owned AWD Vehicle?  

  • An AWD system distributes power to all four wheels, allowing for a better grip on the road. Whether traversing slippery roads during rain or snow or navigating uneven terrains, the added traction offers a sense of stability and control, providing peace of mind. A used vehicle gives you this at an affordable price.  
  • Opting for a pre-owned model with AWD can often offer exceptional value. Vehicles equipped with AWD tend to retain their value well in the pre-owned market due to their inherent capability and desirability, making them a solid investment.  
  • It is worth mentioning that Freeman Motor Company is a premier destination for purchasing a used vehicle. Our inventory consists of a wide range of luxury vehicles, each subjected to rigorous inspections and quality checks. We offer detailed vehicle history reports and exceptional customer service, guiding you toward the perfect vehicle that fits your lifestyle.  
2022 Mercedes-Benz GLC back view
A woman driving the 2022 BMW 3 Series

Used AWD Vehicles Available at Freeman Motor Company  

  • Audi Q5  
  • BMW X5  
  • BMW 3 Series  
  • Mercedes-Benz GLC  
  • And More  

View Our Used Vehicle Inventory in Portland, OR  

If you’re interested in buying a used vehicle, look at our online inventory and schedule a test drive. For further help, contact Freeman Motor Company. Our team is here to guide you. We hope to hear from you soon!