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How do I change the ownership of my vehicle?

Switching ownership of your vehicle in Oregon 

If you are looking to sell your old vehicle before you head into Freeman Motor Company, you will need to transfer the ownership of your vehicle. We have created a step-by-step guide to assist you with the process. Keep reading to learn how to transfer the ownership of your vehicle in Oregon. 

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Step one: 

On the Car Title Transfer, write down the date you are making the sale. This includes the month, day and year.  

Step two: 

Print out the name of the buyer and their address in the block below the name. 

Step three: 

Enter in the mileage exactly as it displays on the odometer. If the mileage is not reflective of the miles driven, check the box that says “The odometer reading is not the actual mileage.” 

Step four: 

Print in each block the name of the seller as they appear on the front of the title. 

Step five: 

Fill out your current address if it is different from the front side. If your address is not different, leave the space blank. 

Step six: 

Notify the Oregon DMV about the transition within 10 days and submit the seller notice.  

Step seven: 

Make sure to give a sales receipt to the buyer because they will need to get a new title at the Oregon DMV. 

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