2020 Ram 1500 parked in front of a building

Are Ram Trucks Good for Adventures?

Ram Trucks Off-Road Capabilities: A Comprehensive Exploration  

It is hard to match the rugged prowess of the Ram trucks when it comes to exploring the great outdoors. With their heavy-duty capabilities and unrelenting durability, these vehicles have a well-earned reputation for easily handling the toughest of terrains. Continue reading below to learn more about the off-roading capabilities of these vehicles. Also, those interested in buying a used Ram can view our online inventory and car financing options at Freeman Motor Company, our dealership in Portland, Oregon.     

Why Should I Buy a Ram Truck?  

  • If you’re navigating through mud, scaling rocky terrain, or conquering steep inclines, Ram trucks are well-equipped for the challenge. Advanced four-wheel drive (4WD) systems, high ground clearance, and robust suspension make off-road excursions a breeze.  
  • Additionally, these vehicles offer an extensive range of powertrain options. They generate substantial torque and horsepower, providing the raw power required to conquer challenging off-road terrains.  
  • Ram trucks are not just off-road titans; they are also built to handle heavy loads. With impressive payload and towing capacities, they can haul gear, trailers, or equipment to your off-road destination. So, these vehicles might be the right fit if you love camping, boating, or off-road sports.   
  • Many Ram trucks have Hill Descent Control (HDC), a feature that allows the vehicle to automatically modulate braking and throttle to maintain a safe and controlled descent down steep hills. This technology minimizes the risk of skidding and keeps you in command of your vehicle when tackling steep gradients.  
2020 Ram 1500 on road
2020 Ram 1500 steering wheel and seats

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