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Tips to Increase the Fuel Economy of Your Vehicle

Useful Tips to Improve the Fuel Economy of the Vehicle

Fuel consumption plays a vital role in the overall motoring cost of your vehicle. As the price of fuel goes up, it is important to increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Fuel consumption is at its peak when you’re accelerating and traveling at high speeds. Increasing the fuel efficiency of your vehicle doesn’t just save money but also reduces the carbon emissions of your car. Read some useful tips for better fuel economy of your vehicle in this blog post by Freeman Motor Company in Portland, OR

Tips for Reducing Fuel Consumption 

Here are some tips through which you can increase the fuel economy of your vehicle: 

  • Correctly inflate your tires to the appropriate pressure: If the tires are under-inflated, the fuel economy of the vehicle decreases. 
  • Drive smoothly: Smooth driving style can help in increasing the fuel economy of a vehicle. 
  • Drive at a constant speed: Driving your vehicle at a constant speed increases the fuel economy of the vehicle. Adaptive cruise control helps in constant speed maintenance. 
  • Regular maintenance of your vehicle: If a vehicle is well-maintained, then the fuel efficiency of the vehicle stays at an optimum level. 
  • Keep windows closed at high speeds: At high-speed open windows can cause drag which uses more fuel than air conditioning. 
  • Shift gears at appropriate time: Gear shifting should be swift as it saves a lot of fuel. 
  • Turn off the engine when you are stopped: Turning off the engine while waiting somewhere saves a lot of fuel and doesn’t let it go to waste. 

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Where to Get Your Vehicle Serviced in Portland, OR? 

As mentioned above, it is important to keep your vehicle well-maintained, this is why regular service of a vehicle is necessary. If you are living near Portland, OR, visit the Freeman Motor Company dealership for premium service of your car.